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Welcome To The Eudaimonia Wellness Blog

Updated: May 4, 2022

A place to learn something new, find delicious recipes, self-care tips, and so much more.

Hello from Emily,

Owner, massage therapist, and yoga teacher at Eudaimonia Wellness.

Welcome to the wellness blog! I have traveled a long and winding road that has led me to a career in holistic health and wellness and my hope is that any of what I've learned along the way can help you on your own path in life.

At Eudaimonia Wellness, we put an emphasis on accessible and affordable therapeutic care for our clients. We believe that each person will have their own individual path to flourishing and will need a different set of tools to help them get there.

Our hope is that this blog can be a source of information to help you find the right tools you need to get to where you want to be.

Why Eudaimonia and Why Holistic Wellness?

I began my journey to holistic wellness by studying biology and pre-med at Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado. I thought that I wanted to practice western medicine, but found through a medical ethics course that I had some serious issues with our medical system. This lead to a completely different degree path and eventually my discovery of the term "eudaimonia," commonly translated as happiness or human flourishing.

After a few years of working in kitchens and a little self discovery, I found my own preventative and holistic health routine. This was so helpful to me that I decided to start my training to provide these kinds of services to others. During my massage and yoga teacher trainings I began to realize that my own ideas on holistic wellness reminded me a lot of my thoughts on this idea of eudaimonia and how one might get there.

This all lead to the creation of Eudaimonia Wellness LLC, a business built on caring for and resting the body, resolving trauma, calming the nervous system, reducing stress in our lives, expanding the intellectual mind, and anything else needed to help us mend, grow, and hopefully fully flourish in our lives. This idea that, if we take care of every aspect of our being, we can become our best both as individuals and in our communities.

What You'll Find on Our Blog

Explore in depth descriptions of our services, learn a bit of anatomy, get tips on finding alignment in a yoga pose, learn how to sneak medicinal herbs into your weekly meals and so much more. We will post on subjects including but not limited to:

- massage

-lymphatic drainage


-yoga (history, alignment, etc)


-at home self-care tips

Want To Learn More?

Is there something you'd like to hear about? Do you want more information on at topic we've already posted about? We would love to know what our clients are interested in learning more about. Just comment on one of our posts if you'd like to learn more!

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