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At Eudaimonia Wellness we aim to provide affordable and accessible massage and bodywork that is both therapeutic and relaxing to help you rest, reset and flourish in your life.

All massage and bodywork sessions are available by appointment only.

Wednesday - Friday

Please book online or text (303)525-9573 to book your appointment today.

Therapeutic Massage

Our standard massage. Your therapist will use a unique combination of manual therapy techniques to meet your body's specific needs and your goals for the session. These techniques and modalities may include Swedish, deep tissue, stretching and range of motion, trigger point, manual lymphatic drainage techniques, relaxation techniques, and more.

All therapeutic sessions come with complementary aromatherapy and hot towels if desired.

30 minute therapeutic massage - $50

45 minute therapeutic massage - $65

60 minute therapeutic massage - $80

75 minute therapeutic massage - $95

90 minute therapeutic massage - $110

120 minute therapeutic massage - $140

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a set of light, directional techniques aimed at aiding lymphatic flow. Lymph is a fluid that is moved through lymphatic vessels just beneath the surface of the skin. These vessels transport the fluid to lymph nodes where it is then processed.

During your session your therapist will use a variety of lymphatic techniques to open the mother nodes and help move lymph to them. MLD is great for helping to detoxify the body, draining sluggish nodes, cleansing and regenerating tissues and increasing the body's resistance to infection.

30 minute lymphatic drainage session - $50

45 minute lymphatic drainage session - $65

60 minute lymphatic drainage session - $80

Cupping Integrated Massage

Various types of cups are applied to the body throughout this massage to reduce muscular and fascial tension through vacuum pressure. Cups can be used to relieve myofascial tension, help release trigger points, and increase blood and lymph flow through the muscle tissue.

Cupping often leaves marks where the cups were placed that look similar to bruises. These marks are not a bruise but are actually the deoxygenated blood that was trapped by the tight muscle tissue re-entering the bloodstream.

30 minute cupping integrated massage - $55

45 minute cupping integrated massage - $70

60 minute cupping integrated massage - $85

75 minute cupping integrated massage - $100

90 minute cupping integrated massage - $115

120 minute cupping integrated massage - $145

Prenatal Massage

This session, for our expecting mothers, provides a full body treatment that addresses any postural needs and contraindications that come along with pregnancy. Your therapist will speak with you about any concerns or needs and will use pillows and bolsters to keep you comfortable and safe during your massage.

30 minute prenatal massage - $50

45 minute prenatal massage - $65

60 minute prenatal massage - $80

75 minute prenatal massage - $95

90 minute prenatal massage - $110

Hot Stone Massage

Available November - March.


Hot stones are combined with therapeutic massage in this session to help further relax muscle tissue and improve circulation.

All hot stone massage sessions come with complementary hot towels and aromatherapy if desired.

60 minute hot stone massage - $100

75 minute hot stone massage - $115

90 minute hot stone massage - $130

120 minute hot stone massage - $160

Massage Add-ons:

These add-ons may be combined with our massage and bodywork sessions for an additional price


Magnesium Oil add-on

Magnesium Oil can be added to any therapeutic, cupping integrated, or hot stone massage session.

Adding magnesium oil to your massage can help ease sore muscles/joints, cramping/spasm, restless legs, headaches and can help with sleep.


Cupping add-on

Feeling like your sore muscles could use a little extra attention? Add some cups to your session!

Cupping can be added to any therapeutic massage, hot stone massage, and in some specific cases lymphatic drainage sessions.

Book you session with a cupping add-on or ask your therapist at the beginning of your session.

Pouring Massage Oil

Coming Soon: CBD Oil add-on

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