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Dry Brushing For Lymphatic Drainage

An At Home Practice To Help Your Lymphatic System Thrive

Do you own a dry brush but aren't sure what to do with it? There are quite a few benefits to adding dry brushing to your at home self care practice such as exfoliation, increased blood circulation, and boosted energy. You can use your dry brush in just about any way to receive these benefits, but if lymphatic support is one of your main reasons for dry brushing, you'll need to be a little more thoughtful of how you're using your brush.

When dry brushing for lymphatic support there is one main rule: always brush toward your heart. This is the direction we want lymphatic fluid to flow for proper function of the lymphatic system.

The general idea of this type of dry brushing will be to open areas with more lymph nodes starting closer to the heart, then to brush areas farther away toward these areas, encouraging fluid to move toward these nodes where it can then be processed.

How To Dry Brush For Lymphatic Support:

- The best time to dry brush is before a shower as it is a form of exfoliation, but if you prefer to do it after, simply apply a body oil first.

-Start by making small strokes just above your clavicle (collar bone) toward the center of your chest.

-If your brush is small enough, run your brush down your neck from jaw line towards your collar bone

-Brush in circles for a few rounds in each armpit, then brush along each arm toward your armpit.

-Now brush from the center of your chest toward your armpit (staying underneath the collar bone)

-Brush a circle around your belly (moving counter clockwise), then brush up along each of your sides toward your armpits again.

-Make small circles on the front of each hip, then brush up each leg toward these areas.

-If you can reach your back with your brush, simply brush away from your spine and toward the armpits or front of the hips

-Feel free to retrace circles on armpits, belly, and hips again.

And that is your basic dry brushing routine for lymphatic support! Try adding this to your routine about once a week for regular lymphatic support.

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