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Meet Emily

Licensed Massage Therapist, Registered Yoga Teacher, and Owner of Eudaimonia Wellness

Emily was born and raised in Colorado and is a wellness enthusiast. Her love of learning has lead her to complete a bachelor's in philosophy along with massage and yoga teacher certifications. She is consistently pursuing continuing education in all of these areas.

Emily's massage and yoga teaching style aim at meeting the body and mind where they're at and finding a set of techniques, tools, and practices to help you flourish in your own unique way.

What We Specialize In



Manual Lymphatic Drainage



Restorative Yoga

Western Herbalism

"Emily has a flexible and sensitive touch, able to dig deep into tight knots or to deliver a more gentle and soothing massage experience. Upon request, she peppers in practical advice about movement practices that help with tense muscles. To top it all off, her taste in massage music is just right for me. I've loved every one of the many massages I've received from her."

- Tony 

"A group of us were lucky enough to have Emily agree to lead a restorative yoga session once a week via zoom when our class was cancelled at the recreation center during covid. Now I've been able to attend her yin and slow flow classes which have both been great! The way she teaches us to approach the poses in yin has allowed me to hold them longer and relax more. The slow flow class is a great way to wake up on a Saturday morning. Emily's knowledge of the body allows her to lead a productive and meditative session each time.

- Michell

"I have been seeing Emily regularly for a few years now. She is a professional and attentive massage therapist. Over my time with her I have received full-body massages. However, I have also gotten her 30 minute cupping and hot stones add-on to my full massage. She offers many options and add-ons for her massages. Every time I walk out of my appointments with her, I feel completely refreshed and relaxed. Emily is an excellent massage therapist.

- Molly

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